Dreikirchen in Barbian-BarbianoDreikirchen in Barbian-BarbianoDreikirchen im Eisacktal

The 3 Churches of Dreikirchen

From the hotel to Dreikirchen – an incredible walk!

From the Hotel Rösslwirt in Barbian you can get to Dreikirchen in around an hour’s walk along sunny paths and meadows. Take your time and discover the beauty of the countryside around Barbian.
The hamlet of Dreikirchen: It is made up of three churches closely built together, 3 hotels and a few holiday homes strewn over the hillside. Dreikirchen is a north-facing hamlet of Barbian with a rich history regarding its healing springs.

The mystery of the origins
Why the three little churches were built so closely together in such an isolated location is a mystery to this day. Does it have something to do with the springs, whose healing waters stream out from above the churches? Were they built on the site of a pre-Christian Three Ladies Sanctuary, venerating the three goddesses of the springs? Is it a rural Capitolium dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva, replaced in name by Saints Nicholas, Gertrude and Magdalene? Tradition also tells of settlers, mountain climbers and bishops who may have been the founders of the churches.

The facts as history relates
St. Gertrude is the oldest of the three churches. It was built in 1237 and lays claim to high-Gothic frescoes which are well worth seeing and a small Baroque altar. The Nicholas Church is only slightly younger; its beautiful winged altar portrays the patron saint, while the frescoes on the side walls of the chancel relate the lives of the Bishops of Myra. The late-Gothic Magdalene Church is the youngest. It was built in around 1500 and is adorned with a late-Gothic winged altar.

Our tip for your trip to Bad Dreikirchen:
Those who want to visit the 3 churches in the hamlet of Dreikirchen can pick the keys up from the neighbouring Messnerwirt Hotel.
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