Weather in South Tyrol
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Weather in South Tyrol

Weather forecast

General weather situation today

Humid and unstable air masses determine the weather in the alpine regions.

Weather situation today

During the day mostly cloudy with sunny spells and some further rain showers

Wheater forecast South Tyrol Max. 19°C
Min. 16°C

Mountain weather today

Humid air reaches the Alps from South-West. Mostly cloudy with some showers in the afternoon. Widespread rain in the evening.

Temperature in 2.000 meters: 9°C
Temperature in 3.000 meters: 3°C
0°C limit: 3300 meters

Weather tomorrow

In the morning low stratus clouds, then partly sunny. In the afternoon local showers, widespread and partly heavy rain over night.

Wheater forecast South Tyrol Max. 21°C
Min. 14°C

Weather development

25.09.2020 26.09.2020 27.09.2020
Wheater forecast South Tyrol Wheater forecast South Tyrol Wheater forecast South Tyrol
Max. 18°C
Min. 4°C
Max. 18°C
Min. 2°C
Max. 18°C
Min. 1°C

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