Spring fever & Autumn whispers

Warm your soul (and your body)
In spring and autumn, when the Eisacktal Valley is still not too busy and the sun bathes the chestnut groves and forests in a warm light, it is time to explore the surroundings on foot. In the early summer months, a host of well-maintained hiking trails invite you to explore Barbian and the Barbian hamlets. In spring the Barbian waterfalls become a true natural spectacle when the snow melts on the mountains. Or let yourself be enchanted by the scent of plum blossoms on the Barbian plum tour. The golden season is wonderful on the Rittner Horn, at our rustic alpine hut or on the nearby Seiser Alm.
And last but not least, the traditional "Törggelezeit" awaits!

The Leaning Tower of... Barbian

It is not only the city of Pisa that has its landmark

Would you have guessed that you don't have to travel to Tuscany to see a leaning church tower? Because we have one here, in the middle of Barbian. It is a majestic 38 metres high (of which more than 1.5 metres are out of plumb) and only a few minutes' walk from our Gasthof. Another interesting fact is that half of its foundation is on rocky ground, and the other half on earthy ground. That is probably the reason for its lopsidedness.... but we are proud of our church, which is a testimony to Romanesque architecture and sets us apart from the other communities in the Eisacktal Valley.

The Episcopal town of Brixen

Tyrol's oldest town lies in the Eisacktal Valley

Brixen knows how it's done - if you can't get enough of cultural and historical sights, then this town, which was first mentioned in 901, is the right place for you. The historic old town with its beautiful arcades and narrow streets. The many churches and chapels. Brixen cathedral. The Hofburg. To name just a few highlights. And not to forget the traditional restaurants and the stylish shops... Brixen is definitely a town to fall in love with!

A world of experiences!

Our insider tips for your holidays

The Barbian Zwetschgenrunde

Our spring tip (April/May)
The plum route, which lives up to its name. On this one-hour themed hike you will not only come across many plum trees, but also several information boards that will tell you interesting facts about the fruit.

The Chestnut Trail (Keschtnweg)

Our tip for chestnut fans and leisurely hikers
The Keschtnweg, which winds its way from the Neustift monastery near Brixen along the slopes of the Eisacktal Valley to the Ritten high plateau and down into the basin around Bolzano. It is 63 km long and can be completed in several stages. After all, you have time when on holiday! Walk along the chestnut trail and enjoy regional products from direct marketers.

The Barbian Waterfalls

Our tip for real nature lovers
The spectacular waterfalls that rise high up on the Rittner Horn (at 2,000 metres!) with eight cascades and thunder over a 200-metre-high rock step. If you want to experience this natural spectacle up close, you can start from the leaning tower in Barbian, follow the "Wasserfallweg" trail marker and then path 6A. The combination with the hamlet of Dreikirchen, which you can walk to from the hotel in around an hour, is particularly nice and recommended.