Our zone for body and soul

Wellness moments for nature lovers
Every now and then you need a little time out, or some me-time, as people nowadays tend to call it. But where can you find a place that is not only good for the body, but also for the soul? That is right, in the mountains. Or in the forest. But we have something else for you, so you don't even have to leave our hotel: our small wellness area. Here you can sweat, rest and breathe in the scent of nature in every corner. ADULTS ONLY

Our Finnish sauna

A successful combination with the bio sauna
Why use only one sauna when you can use two (at the same time!)? Here at the Rösslwirt, we offer a two for one so to speak, and give you a very special sauna experience: in our new combined bio and Finnish sauna. This is perfectly designed to save energy and thus also reflects our sustainability concept.
PS:have you noticed the stools in front of the sauna? They come from the trees in the Barbian forests that fell victim to storm Vaja. We have given them a second lease of life and find that they have become real eye-catchers!

Our relaxation room

Eyes closed, stress gone
After a day in the mountains, it is often good to just lie down somewhere and mull over your experiences. That's what you can do here - in our comfortably furnished relaxation room: surrounded by hay wallpaper with blue cornflowers, felt strips as room dividers and wooden panelling. We love having nature indoors too... and you can also warm up in the infrared cabin and loosen up your muscles and joints.
Sometimes you just need a little time out. In a beautiful place by yourself.

Sauna with a good conscience

Our sauna has been built according to the latest standards and is as economical as possible without compromising on ease of use. On sunny summer days, it is rarely used and is therefore only activated on request (but it is ready for operation in no time if required!). When not in use, it automatically regulates to a lower temperature level and reactivates itself automatically when you enter the cabin.