Your host family

The Rabensteiner-Dorigoni family as your personal "tour guide"
Our Rösslwirt is not just a hotel, it is also our home.
This is where we live and work, and this is where we beautify everything for you with great attention to detail. This love for details and an eye for everything that is beautiful can be seen from the moment you enter our Gasthof. Added to this is our friendly joie de vivre, which, coupled with our easy-going manner, always puts you in a good mood.
In short: this is where South Tyrolean cosiness meets modern lifestyle. And that reflects us perfectly!

Once upon a time...

How the Rösslwirt became what it is today
1896- the year it all began. At that time, the Rösslwirt was still the "house on the street", which was a welcome address for travellers and those in need. Over the years, the old inn became a popular guesthouse (and a convivial hotel) along with an annexe/residence for the Rabensteiner-Dorigoni family. Over the last few years, new features have been continually added - so that you feel even more comfortable and at home with us.

Always on the pulse of time

South Tyrolean tradition meets urban lifestyle
The Rösslwirt is alive, growing and thriving. It is important to us that the 400-year-old farmhouse parlour - the cosy Zirmstube - goes hand in hand with the elegant Kastaniensaal. That the traditions of the Eisack Valley are open to modernity. That one moves with the times, yet the roots are not forgotten - much the opposite: that the roots set the tone and form the basis for modern hotel comfort.

Sustainability has many faces

Our understanding of sustainable action
Sustainability starts in the mind, usually long before we buy new things, raw materials or equipment. Before every equipment purchase, we ask ourselves:

Do we really need this "thing"?
Are there any suitable alternatives?
How much additional energy will it consume or, ideally, save?
And last but not least: is this "thing" ideal for us in terms of size and dimensioning?

All these questions are important and essential when it comes to sustainability. We have chosen to prioritise sourcing raw materials from short distances and from local suppliers. And of course we also pay attention to other aspects...
everything under control

All roads lead to... Barbian

Well, maybe not all, but at least two do
The Rösslwirt is located at the heart of South Tyrol which makes it easy to reach from both the north and the south. It is after all on the sunny side of life! In the middle of the sun-drenched village of Barbian in the Eisack Valley (yes, that village with the leaning church tower!). How to reach that and our hotel? Just read on...

Approaching Barbian - Hotel Gasthof Rösslwirt from the northvon Norden aus

Follow the Brenner motorway in the direction of Bolzano. Take the exit for Klausen. Continue along the Brenner road through the Eisack valley and the village of Klausen. On the road towards Bolzano, take the turn-off towards Barbian. The road goes up the mountain for a while. The centre of Barbian with its leaning church tower is perched above the Eisack valley. You will find the Hotel and Gasthof Rösslwirt just behind the church on the right hand side in the middle of Barbian.

Approaching Barbian - Hotel Gasthof Rösslwirt by train

If you want to arrive relaxed and enjoy your holiday from day one, then you can easily come by train. Regardless of whether you are coming from Germany, Austria or Switzerland - by train you can travel to Klausen or Waidbruck comfortably and without traffic jams, and then it's not far to us in Barbian.

Südtirol Transfer

Give your car a little holiday too. Do you want to travel to South Tyrol in an environmentally friendly way by train or long-distance bus?
The connecting shuttle of Südtirol Transfer brings you directly from the train or bus station to us without any worries.

Bus scedule

Click here to visit the Südtirolmobil homepage. Simply enter your starting point and destination and find the right bus at the desired time.

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