(Regional) enjoyment connects

Small distances for great taste
South Tyrolean love it is said goes through the stomach, we all agree on that at the Rösslwirt. Here in Barbian, you can experience nature not only in front of the house, but also inside. At your table and on your plate. The variety of our South Tyrolean cuisine starts with the choice of the location (yes, we have several great places to eat and enjoy!) and ends with the creative dishes made from local products. Make yourself comfortable in the Tyrolean "Stuben" parlours, take a seat in the modern and elegant chestnut hall or enjoy the views from our panorama terrace: this way, morning shopping or a family meal tastes even better - we promise!

Pssst... To make sure you get a nice place in our Dorfgasthaus village inn, we recommend you make a reservation. Just give us a call at +39 0471 654188 and as if by magic, the table is reserved for you!

Our opening times:

12:00 to 14:00 and from 18:00 to 20:30
Icecream and bar from 11:00 to 22:00
Monday and Tuesday closed

Yes, we are a South Tyrolean inn!

We live and breathe centuries-old South Tyrolean inn culture
What actually defines a South Tyrolean inn? What values does it represent?
Well, essentially it's a family-run business where all the staff do their best every day to create a place that unites everyone: both guests who have travelled from far and wide and locals who live just around the corner. It's a place where people sit together in a cosy atmosphere, where traditions are lived out and passed on, and where the best that the region and the season have to offer is served. It is, so to speak, a meeting place for storytellers and gourmets alike. And for everyone who wants to combine a piece of South Tyrolean tradition with something new.
A good conscience
with every bite


feel good


From our ice cream production

A highlight - not only on hot summer days
Homemade food tastes best, wouldn't you agree? Which is why we thought we would create something "icy" to go with our delicious South Tyrolean dishes. And the result is something to behold (and taste!): our own ice cream made from fresh South Tyrolean milk and combined with other products from the region. So, have we got your mouth watering already?
homemade ice cream
Ice cream hoammade
Ice cream hoammade
homemade ice cream

Small cycles with a big effect

We support small networks and source the raw materials from our local farmers- everything should be as close as possible. We get the meat from Lukashof (only about 100 metres away from us as the crow flies!), which breeds the Barbian horned ox. We buy the Barbian ox whole (“from nose to tale” as it is described in modern German) and use all the parts carefully. Our eggs come from the Voglhauserhof in Lengstein. Herbs and tea blends from Oberpalwitterhof in Barbian. Berries from the Tasserhof in Barbian. And wherever else we get good produce from...